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Long Term Continuous ambulatory ECG monitoring with Hemodynamics technologies is emerging as the gold standard to detect abnormal cardiac arrhythmia activity.



Our holter monitors are proving to replace traditional 24 hour holter monitoring due to enhanced prognostic value while improving comfort & patient compliance.


Intuitive Reporting

The Hemodynamics analysis generates a clinically relevant report that consolidates up to 30 days of continuous ECG data Into a simple, yet comprehensive report.

Product & Services

Hemodynamics is proud to introduce two wearable ambulatory cardiac monitors, the EZecg Patch and Nuubo ECG Vest. The systems provides easy application for staff, great comfort for the patient and comprehensive reporting for quick & easy detection of abnormal ECG activity.

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Our Team

The Hemodynamics team Is comprised of the industry's foremost experts to deliver clinically versatile & reliable ECG monitoring services for virtually any medical facility. No matter where you are located, our team is committed to deliver reliable ECG monitoring reports within 48 hours.

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