Hemodynamics Ambulatory ECG Monitoring Services

EZecg Patch

The Hemodynamics EZecg Patch is emerging as the gold standard replacing traditional 24 Hour Holter Monitoring in medical facilities in the US.

Guaranteed 48 Hour Turnaround

Improve Turnaround Time with Hemodynamics Co ECG compared to other companies. 48 Hours or Less is Our Guarantee!

Simplify Patient Hook Up

The EZecg Patch provides a quick & easy hook up for staff members of any skill set. Just a quick prep, peel n stick and off the patient goes!

Sound Economics

Hemodynamics will provide our ambulatory EZecg Patch to your facility at No Cost to the medical facility with 2 reimbursable CPT Codes.

Improve Patient Experience

Hemodynamics EZecg Wearable Patch improves the patient experience with no complaints from patients about discomfort or inconvenience

Intuitive Reporting

 Hemodynamics EZecg provides the clinician with a simple, yet comprehensive report to quickly & easily expedite time to diagnosis.

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