Hemodynamics EZecg Patch Specifications

Hemodynamics Co. is an exciting Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring (AECG) company with members comprised of the foremost experts in Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring industry to deliver a simple, high quality & clinically viable wearable ECG sensor technology called the EZecg Patch. Hemodyamics Co. is a Medicare approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area aimed to deliver superior Wireless Ambulatory Cardiac (AECG) Monitoring Solutions. The Hemodynamics EZecg Patch significantly improves many of the limitations or weaknesses from the existing Patch Monitoring companies in the industry today.

The Hemodynamics EZecg Patch is a simple, peel & stick, wearable 2-Channel ECG Monitoring Patch that is capable of performing short term and extended continuous Ambulatory Cardiac (AECG) Monitoring.

The EZecg Patch is reported by more than 80% of patients to be a preferred method of monitoring due to the comfort, easy of use & the convenience of wearing such a small, wearable monitor. Most patients say they forget that the monitor is even there! Here is why many medical facilities are choosing to adopt the EZecg Patch for ambulatory ECG monitoring. Some of them include:

Multi-Function Wireless Technology

Hemodynamics EZecg Patch is replacing many traditional ambulatory ECG monitors due to the comfort, ease of use and its Multi-Functional capacity. The EZecg Patch is capable of use for:

  • Holter Monitoring - 24-48 hour continuous AECG monitoring
  • Long Term Continuous ECG Monitoring (long term continuous Holter 3-14 days)

Hemodynamics EZecg Patch is a Multi-Function Wearable Ambulatory ECG (AECG) system with a broad array of appropriate clinical indications of use. The Hemodynamics EZecg Patch is used for many common indications of use for traditional Holter monitoring as well as Long Term Continuous AECG for superior diagnostic yield.

Some common indications of use include:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Dizziness / lightheaded
  • Syncope
  • Palpitations
  • Skipped Beats
  • ¬†Suspected Arrhythmias
  • Post Stroke monitoring
  • Post TAVR procedures (valve replacement)
  • Post MI monitoring assessment

For more details, click EZecg Patch Clinical Indications of Use.

Features & Benefits of the EZecg Patch

  • Quick & Easy to apply to the patient
  • Small, wearable patch for easy of application
  • Lightweight for secure placement
  • Versatile placement to optimize ECG reporting
  • Strong signal quality = Optimal ECG tracings
  • Internal battery
  • Sleek profile is preferred by patients, clinicians & staff
  • Water resistant for convenience for the patient
  • 3-7 day duration for the continuous AECG study
  • Optional 14 day patch
  • Event button for improved symptom / event correlation
  • Fast Turnaround time <48 hours guaranteed
  • Abundant clinical data reported
  • Auto-Detect and Continuous Full Disclosure on board
  • Sound economics - EZecg Patch Billing & Reimbursement

More Information:

For questions, please click Contact Us, email us at Sales@Hemodynamics.co or call (214) 437-9675.