Introducing the Newest Wearable Real-Time Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring (AECG) Technology

Monitoring Services

Long Term Real-Time ambulatory ECG monitoring with the Hemodynamics Real-Time technology is monitored 24/7/365. Our monitoring services are evolving as the gold standard to enhance & expedite time to diagnosis.

Wearable Technologies

Our wearable Real-Time wearable AECG monitoring technology is proving to replace traditional monitoring options due to enhanced diagnostic yield while improving comfort, compliance & the overall patient experience.

Intuitive Reporting

The Hemodynamics Real-Time wearable AECG technologies generate a clinically superior analysis that consolidates up to 30 days of continuous, Real-Time ECG data into a comprehensive report for quick & easy interpretation.

Products & Services

Hemodynamics Co. is proud to provide the most clinically advanced & patient compliant  wearable ambulatory cardiac (AECG) monitors in the market today. Hemodynamics offers:

All of the Hemodynamics systems provide easy application for staff, great comfort for the patient and comprehensive reporting for quick & easy detection of abnormal ECG activity.

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