EZecg Patch

Hemodynamics Co. is a new ambulatory cardiac monitoring (AECG) company with members comprised of the most tenured experts from across the industry to deliver a simple, high quality & clinically viable wearable ECG sensor called the EZecg Patch.

Hemodyamics Co is a Medicare approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area aimed to deliver a superior long term continuous ECG monitoring solution to improve many of the limitations or weaknesses from the existing Patch Monitoring companies in the industry today.

The Hemodynamics EZecg Patch is a simple, peel & stick, single channel ECG monitoring patch that is generally worn for 3-7 days. The EZecg Patch is reported by more than 80% of patients to be a preferred method of monitoring due to the comfort, easy of use & the convenience of wearing such a small monitor. Most patients say they forget that the monitor is even there!

Here is why many medical facilities are choosing to adopt the EZecg Patch for ambulatory ECG monitoring. Some of them include:

Clinic Indications of Use

Hemodynamics EZecg Patch is replacing many of the common indications of use for traditional 24 hour Holter Monitoring. For more details, click on the link above for a list of approved indications of use for the EZecg Patch.

Simplify Patient Hook Up

EZecg Patch provides a simple & easy hook up for staff members of any skill set. Just Peel n Stick and off the patient goes!

Improve Patient Experience

Hemodynamics EZecg Wearable Patch improves the patient experience with no complaints from patients about discomfort or inconvenience

Guaranteed 48 Hour Turnaround

Improve Turnaround Time with Hemodynamics Co ECG compared to other companies. 48 Hours or Less is Our Guarantee!

Billling & Reimbursement

Hemodynamics EZecg provides our wearable patch AECG at No Cost to the medical facility with 2 reimbursable CPT Codes

Intuitive Reporting

Hemodynamics EZecg provides the clinician with a simple, yet comprehensive report to quickly & easily expedite time to diagnosis

For more information:

For questions, you can Contact Us by email us directly at sales@Hemodynamics.Co