EZecg Plus Wireless Multi-Function Patch Monitor

Hemodynamics Company is a specialized ambulatory cardiac monitoring (AECG) company comprised of the most tenured experts from across the cardiac monitoring industry to deliver a simple, high quality & clinically useful wireless continuous patch ECG monitor called the EZecg Plus Patch.

The Hemodynamics EZecg Plus Patch is a simple, peel & stick, single channel ECG monitoring patch that is capable of performing all forms of AECG monitoring for a period of 1-30 days. The EZecg Plus Patch is reported to be a preferred method of monitoring by patients & medical staff due to the comfort, ease of use & convenience of wearing a tiny wearable monitor. Due to its light-weight and low profile, many patients will report that forget they are even wearing the monitor!

Hemodynamics Co is a Medicare approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area aimed to deliver a superior wearable ambulatory cardiac monitoring solution to solve many of the challenges & weaknesses from the existing monitoring companies in the industry.

Here is why many medical facilities are choosing to adopt the EZecg Plus Patch for ambulatory ECG monitoring. Some of them include:


EZecg Plus Patch Indications of Use

Hemodynamics EZecg Plus Patch is replacing many of the common indications of use for traditional 24 – 48 hour Holter Monitoring. These include Long Term Continuous ECG Monitoring, Cardiac Event Monitoring & Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT)


EZecg Plus Patch Specifications

EZecg Plus Patch has many advantages compared to other AECG monitoring technology in the industry. The EZecg Plus is a small, low profile wearable continuous AECG monitor preferred by patients, physicians & medical professionals worldwide.


Improve User Experience

One of the distinct advantages of the EZecg Plus Patch is the simplicity & improved patient compliant for both staff & patients alike. Patients praise the EZecg Plus Patch compared to other solutions due to long (internal) battery & waterproof design. As simple peel n’ stick hook up process and off the patient goes!


Real Time Monitoring

The EZecg Plus Patch monitor functions by analyzing data in (near) real time enabling an almost immediate results. Traditional Holter & Long Term Continuous ECG monitoring studies are turned over in 24 hours or less. That is our guarantee!


Superior Economics

Hemodynamics Co is unique in the industry in that we are very flexible in our billing & reimbursement structures to offer the clinic the most clinically versatile AECG monitoring solution both clinically & financially. EZecg Plus Patch enables medical facilities to bill for up to 5 reimbursable CPT Codes.


Reporting you can Trust

Hemodynamics EZecg Plus Patch program provides the clinician with a simple, yet comprehensive report to quickly & easily expedite time to diagnosis. With real-time analysis, you can be confident that all beats are reviewed by a professionally trained eye.

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For questions, you can email us directly at sales@eHemodynamics.com or call (817) 988-2580