Leonardo ECG Analysis Software

Hemodynamics is pleased to now offer the industry’s most robust ECG analysis software platform called the Leonardo. The Leonardo analysis software has unique capabilities that enable physicians & medical professional to sift through millions of beats in a matter of minutes. Due to the complex algorithm on board the Leonardo software, physicians & technicians can employ machine learning to expedite the time for analysis without sacrificing any quality or accuracy.

The Leonardo software will report the most complex ECG data that you would expect from the highest grade Holter monitoring system except on an exponential scale. Not only can the analysis be expedited with the Leonardo ECG analysis software, but the integrity of what is reported is far superior to other options in the industry.

Some of the items reported with the Leonardo ECG Analysis Software Include:

  • Underlying / Baseline Rhythm
  • Accurately quantity all ECG data into one, concise, intuitive report
  • Min / Max / Average Heart Rate Daily / Weekly / Month
  • Report all morphology types for isolated atrial & ventricular arrhythmias
  • Identify & quantify all forms of ventricular & atrial couplets
  • Identify Atrial Fibrillation (even if asymptomatic)
  • Report the longest & fastest runs of SVT, V Tach, A Fib & many others
  • Identify & quantify bigeminy, trigeminy and many others
  • Identify various conduction disorders including sinus arrest & other forms of heart block
  • Report on-set & off-set of any significant events
  • Full Disclosure available in various, usable formats
  • Instill confidence with clinicians with 2 vectors of ECG data to ensure accurate diagnosis.
  • Average analysis time for 30-Day studies is 20 minutes or less
  • Cloud based capabilities to download, send ECG data to any browser
  • Remote interrogation capabilities for easy clinician access upon request
  • Easy editing capabilities enable quick & easy report generation
  • Custom report settings to add or remove any reported data

For more information about the Leonardo ECG software analysis capabilities, please contact us for a demonstration at (817) 988-2580 or by email at sales@eHemodynamics.com.

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