ACS Diagnostics (ACSD) is proud to introduce the CLIP Holter monitor. The CLIP is arguably the smallest & lightest Holter monitor ever made. The device weighs 1/2 ounce including the internal battery and the memory card.

The ACS CLIP Holter monitor is very flexible in function. The most common applications are traditional 24 hour Holter monitoring as well as long term continuous ECG monitoring (

Hemodynamics Co. is now revolutionizing Holter as it stands today. Long Term Continuous ECG (extended Holter) monitoring is now eligible (in 2023) for national reimbursement coverage in the US. We can offer your own, turn-key extended Holter lab through our sister company ACS Diagnostics.

A turn-key Holter monitoring lab with capabilities to monitor your patient with continuous AECG technology. For more information about eligible codes, please visit AECG Billing & Reimbursement.

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