Monitor Your Patients without an Office Visit

Hemodynamics Co. is now introducing our 'remote' monitoring service which will enable physicians and medical professionals to continue to order ambulatory cardiac monitoring studies as needed.  With the current restrictions and climate due to the COVID-19 virus, clinics can now simply enroll the patient for a variety of studies using our industry leading wearable technology without the patient having to come to the clinic for the application of the wearable monitor.

With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus, it is now more important than ever to ensure the proper precautions are taken when monitoring cardiac patients. Hemodynamics offers a unique solution in today's climate with our sterile, wearable ambulatory cardiac monitoring solutions. Our EZecg Patch is a single use patch as well as our Nuubo ECG Vest. The Nuubo ECG Vest is unique in that the patient gets to keep the entire setup for repeat use.

The process is simple. A simple enrollment form will initiate the study in which Hemodynamics personnel will pre-program the device, mail the monitor directly to the patient and provide support to the patient for the application process.

Unlike other cardiac monitoring technologies, our wearable technology (EZecg Patch & Nuubo ECG Vest) eliminates complicated hook ups with no lead wires, no complicated lead diagrams making the hookup simple for the patient. With our wearable Nuubo ECG Vest the patient has no adhesives, no lead wires, no electrodes, and no skin prep making it the industry's first true long term wearable monitoring solution.

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